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    What does Gemstone do?

    Gemstone Logistics offers software solutions and air transportation program management to enable companies to better manage their workforce, assets, and finances. Specializing in Oil and Gas, Mining, Hydro, LNG, and Construction industries, Gemstone provides all the tools you need to manage your project.

    Each of our software and program management solutions can be used together, or as standalone products. All solutions come with Gemstone's industry knowledge and exceptional support. Find out more about us here.

    What industries do you serve and who are your major clients?

    Our software products are found across North America and Europe serving the oil and gas, mining, hydro, LNG and construction industries. We are proud to work with major players in these sectors helping to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs.

    How do you save clients’ time and money?

    Our software products are able to reduce administrative time spent on repetitive and non-value adding tasks. They consolidate or eliminate processes to improve efficiencies and identify areas of behavioural change to drive new business processes that benefit from cost avoidance measures.

    How quickly can your software be deployed?

    We typically deploy our software between 30-60 days from the point of contract signing, although it is generally dependent on the size of the project, how much data migration is involved, whether there is an incumbent software provider and what third party software integration is required.

    What training and support do you offer?

    With any new software installation, we offer a comprehensive training package, user guide, online video tutorials and in-person training sessions. Our support team is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year for ongoing user education and technical queries.

    How easy is it to upload data initially?

    With all of our software products we can take an Excel or CSV file and upload your master data or alternatively utilize an Application Program Interface (API) to pull data electronically from your HR, Security or Onboarding software.

    What type of reporting is available?

    The data that is captured and processed within our software can be presented in any way imaginable. Typically, our standard reports meet the needs of 99% of queries, but we can customize reports if one of our existing reports doesn’t present everything you need.

    What type of reservations can be made using CIRYS?

    CIRYS has the ability to create commercial flight, charter flight, bus, coach, and camp accommodation reservations in a secure environment. Incorporating all our industry expertise while allowing customization to suit individual business rules make this the right product for your needs. Find out more here.

    Do you have access to make reservations on all major commercial airlines?

    Yes, we use Sabre APIs to return flight options from all the major global commercial airlines.

    I have a relationship with a Travel Management Company (TMC) already – can I continue to use them in a CIRYS environment?

    Yes, we can connect CIRYS to your existing TMC using their Sabre credentials.

    How easy is custom reporting in CIRYS?

    Through advanced, yet easy to use, cube functionality CIRYS users are able to customize data to create a report detailing the information they require. There are a few canned reports stored within to serve the majority however the cube functionality handles all other requirements.

    What type of pricing model is used for CIRYS?

    CIRYS is supplied under the flexible SAAS (Software As A Service) model with transaction fees rather than upfront user license fees.

    How long has CampWare been used in the industry?

    CampWare has been commercially used since 2003.

    Will CampWare do my client invoicing and reporting?

    Yes! CampWare was designed as a billing tool first, and a property management system second. Our invoicing process is used by many major camp operators to confidently manage and bill clients for accommodation and meal usage.

    Can CampWare link to other applications?

    Yes, CampWare integrates with a number of other security, hardware and ERP systems and can support turnstile, signature pad and receipt printer integrations.

    Does CampWare integrate with electronic door lock sets?

    Yes! We have experience integrating with KABA Atlas, Onity, and Ving Vision and Visionline.

    Does CampWare enable me to manage housekeeping schedules?

    Yes! CampWare’s extensive housekeeping functionality allows tasks to be set by the Head Housekeeper in advance and progress to be monitored.

    What is ILLUMYS?

    ILLUMYS is web based field data capture system designed to enter construction labour, equipment and materials (LEM) usage daily to provide accurate and timely progress and cost reporting at the end of every shift. This data can then be approved in ILLUMYS via its workflow capability and the data can be used to drive your payroll, cost reporting and invoicing processes.

    Does it work for both construction contractors and owners?

    Yes, for contractors it’s critical to pay employees in a timely manner and provide accurate reports that your client can approve so you can be paid faster. For owners, it provides immediate visibility to the costs that have been incurred by subcontractors, allowing you to approve this information, pay your contractors and actively manage the progress on the project.

    Does it integrate to our other systems in our project controls environment?

    Yes, ILLUMYS is designed to fit in between your project planning tools (i.e. MS-Project or Primavera) and your accounting system. ILLUMYS is designed to share data between those systems so that there is never any duplicate entry and only ever one version of the data.

    Does it work for all contract types?

    Yes, not only does ILLUMYS capture the labour, equipment and materials (LEM) usage, it can also capture progress and unit rate completion amounts. For unit rate contracts, you can store the unit rates and planned amounts in ILLUMYS and capture the quantities used and completed against each item. For lump sum projects, you can capture the progress completed against each item and compare that to the plan while invoicing for the progress that’s been completed.

    How can I get my contractors to use it?

    Your contractors want to be paid quickly for the work they do. With ILLUMYS they can enter or upload their LEM data at the end of each shift for you to approve. Once it’s approved you can use our Reverse Invoicing capability to immediately pay them for the work they submitted to you. This means there is no further delay waiting for invoices to be submitted and independently approved. You have already approved them and the contractors get paid faster!

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