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    Our solutions


    CIRYS is an intuitive web based reservation and reporting tool that consolidates travel and accommodation processes.
    In a single integrated interface, CIRYS allows users to effortlessly book:

    • charter and commercial flights
    • ground transportation options and
    • workforce camp rooms


    CampWare was built to help lodge operators seamlessly manage high-traffic workforce accommodation facilities.
    CampWare helps operators manage everything including:

    • front desk registration
    • housekeeping
    • invoicing
    • security
    • food service
    • client reporting


    ILLUMYS efficiently captures and reports on all aspects of labour, equipment and material inputs providing total project control.
    ILLUMYS is a project control tool giving you:

    • complete oversight of subcontractor activity
    • project/job completion progress
    • easy large-scale project management

    Improve Efficiency

    Enhance Visibility

    Increase Productivity

    Check out the CIRYS Case Study Today

    Why work with Gemstone?

    Whether you’re a lodge operator searching for software to increase efficiency, a project owner seeking superior management tools for travel and lodging logistics or a Labour, Equipment and Materials (LEM) company craving effortless oversight of subcontractors and Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM) Gemstone can help.

    Our clients have saved money by replacing disparate, time-consuming processes with Gemstone software. In doing so they eliminate the associated errors of their old systems and free up resources for more value-add activities.

    Market Leading Products

    Gemstone has been trusted by some of the biggest names in the oil & gas, hydro, construction and hospitality industries.


    Comprehensive Set Up & Continued Support

    When you become a client, Gemstone provides extensive training sessions for your users and management, seamless data migration and product customization. Knowledgeable support staff quickly respond to your ongoing needs, allowing you to hit the ground running.

    Proven Track Record

    The best way Gemstone can demonstrate the value of our software is to show you real-world examples of how our other clients have saved time and money.

    Industry Expertise

    Gemstone’s leadership team has first-hand experience in many of the industries we serve and has built software specifically to help solve the types of challenges faced by organizations like yours.

    Our trusted clients

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    Do you have questions about managing travel and accommodation logistics? Are you an EPCM looking to manage LEMs on an upcoming project? Do you need market-leading remote camp management software?

    We have a software solution for you.

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