How CIRYS succeeded at Jansen Potash Mine


BHP required support in on-boarding and organizing workforce logistics for the Jansen Potash Project. This mine is located approximately 140 kilometres east of the closest city, Saskatoon, SK.

A solution was needed to manage the travel and accommodation logistics for workers arriving via charter bus from the two closest cities, Saskatoon and Regina, and staying in the onsite camp, Jansen Lodge.

For the front end, Gemstone Logistics was able to use its proprietary software, CIRYS, a web-based reservation and reporting tool for travel and accommodation management, designed specifically for large industrial projects. Integrated with CampWare, Gemstone’s market leading workforce accommodation management solution, CIRYS enables workers to book their travel and stay in a single transaction.


Implementation: CIRYS would be used to manage reservations for charter busses and stays at Jansen Lodge. The reservation process will be pushed out to subcontractors during project ramp-up.

Scalability: Changing workforce demand from start-up to peak capacity.

Support: Gemstone would offer consultancy, on-site support for start-up and implementation.

Asset Usage: Bus management required bespoke app which was designed and built by Gemstone.

Connectivity: Guests would be checked in for their room upon boarding the bus, increasing lodge efficiencies. CIRYS API Integration: BHP has existing applications and historical data. APIs were built to facilitate efficient on-boarding with existing workforce management applications.


The ease of use of CIRYS enabled BHP to decentralize travel coordinator workload by pushing to contractors, delivering immediate efficiencies to BHP.

Robust business rules and reporting will allow these reservations to be booked worry-free, creating optimal efficiency of BHP assets.

APIs allowed seamless flow of data from third party on-boarding tool into CIRYS and back to BHP data lake, providing one source of truth for all worker data.

The elegant design of the shuttle application will create efficiency and almost no bottlenecks when checking onto bus and into lodge rooms.

Scalability of CIRYS allows for growth in user base and transaction levels as project enters construction phase.