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    What can CIRYS do for you?

    Every day, thousands of people fly across the country to work on industrial project sites. Moving these workers to and from sites can be challenging, particularly in remote locations, which is often the working environment for the oil and gas, construction, and mining industries. At Gemstone, our aim is to make it easier for both you and your workforce.

    CIRYS is an intuitive travel and room reservation tool that simplifies the travel and accommodation booking processes for companies moving workers to and from projects. CIRYS allows users to book charter and commercial air travel as well as ground transportation and camp lodging in this multifaceted, integrated platform.

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    To ensure that room reservation dates match up with travel dates, CIRYS business rules can require lodge reservations be confirmed before flights or busses are booked. This allows for significant cost avoidance and – in a worst case scenario – reliance on third party accommodations.
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    CIRYS converts complex, multi-step bookings, using disparate systems, into one intuitive process. Using the innovative ‘group book’ function, reservations for 2 or 200 workers can be made in as little as 30 seconds, saving significant time, resources and administration.
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    Real-time Reporting

    CIRYS gives clients access to real-time, accurate reporting that provides greater insight and capacity for analysis. This helps to significantly reduce travel program costs and optimize travel and room utilization.
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    Highly Customizable

    Planes, trains and automobiles. We recognize that each project has its own individual transportation requirements, with CIRYS, bookings can be customized to suit whatever your needs on any scale.
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    CampWare Integration

    Fully integrated with Orissa’s CampWare giving management synergized oversight of both travel and accommodation bookings. Greater information and ease of use leading to more informed decision making.
    On-boarding training & set-up

    Traveller App

    Up to date and on your phone, all the information accessible at your fingertips. Our CIRYS companion app allows travellers to make reservations, see consolidated itineraries and interact with their lodging site.

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