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How To Simplify Your Employee Travel Coordination.

If you’ve ever had to coordinate employee travel, you know what I’m talking about. For a long time, before my current role at Gemstone, I was a travel coordinator struggling with the schedules of over 3000 employees across 40 different contractors.

Disjointed systems, a total lack of integration, it was hair tearing stuff. My whole essence was taken over by trying to stay on top of it all, I had to construct an intricate system of organizational control.

But even with my system, it was easy to lose track of new additions, rostas, itineraries and plane or room bookings, the disparate unconnected systems existed on a knife edge of functionality, one wrong move and it could all come crashing down.

This first-hand knowledge of just how challenging travel coordination can be is why I am such a big advocate of CIRYS Travel and Rooms Management software.

With this system you have the ability to manage all aspects of employee travel. CIRYS utilizes built in client specific business rules associated with travel bookings so as a travel coordinator I can rest assured I am getting the job done right.

Simplified Employee Travel Reservation Confirmations

No matter how you manage your employees' travel requests there’s a way for you to easily confirm their reservations!

Want your employees to submit their travel one by one?

No problem! Use the Room Reservation screen to confirm their room and flight reservations in just a few seconds.

Do you manage all the schedules and have large crews travelling on the same day?

No problem! Use the Group Booking screens to book all your employees and reserve individual confirmations for each!

When making changes, your flight and room reservations show on the same screen, so you can easily make changes to both, minimizing the chance for error.

The reporting features and functionality within CIRYS are second to none, within the same program I can pull reports for flights, rooms, or both, and have visibility on my team’s stats!

There are many ways to manage employee travel but I love CIRYS for its ease of use and full visibility of all aspects of getting workers to and from their site.

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Kaitlin is the First Level Support Manager, and prides herself on her keen problem solving abilities. She is dedicated to finding the most efficient and streamlined solution in all aspects of her life whether it’s finding the best way to see the most in Europe, or efficiently processing 500+ reservations for turnaround – she is up to whatever challenge comes her way!