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    Complete project status oversight

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    Faster pay cycles

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    Accessible offline or via web

    The power of ILLUMYS

    Complete control, automated oversight and reporting, this is software designed to do the hard time consuming work associated with LEM management. ILLUMYS has helped major clients working in the industrial construction sector improve their processes, no matter which side of the project they are on:

    • EPCMs and Project Owners use ILLUMYS to manage and pay subcontractors, report on project progress and forecast completion costs vs budget;
    • Subcontractors use ILLUMYS to upload completed project activities, manage their project workforce and get paid quicker.

    Field Data Capture

    Online and offline data entry. Direct subcontractor accessibility, eliminating instances of duplicate data entry and project owners/EPCMs can quantify progress using physical completion, check against milestones and assess value completion percentage.

    Approval & Reverse Invoicing

    Subcontractor administrators and project managers can approve entire timesheets quickly, allowing project owners/EPCMs to pay for completed work once the data has been approved.

    Total Customization

    We work directly with you to tailor the software to solve specific challenges and accommodate your processes. Where one company may consider a LEM to be complete when a line item is fulfilled, others may consider it complete when all line items are fulfilled.

    Daily LEM Reporting

    With immediate visibility of daily LEM reports, a project owner/EPCM has direct sightline into the completed work with a detailed breakdown of hours, quantities and costs using the requisite coding structure.

    Earned Value Management

    Need to know how the project’s actual progression compares to the projections? ILLUMYS facilitates easy forecasting using actual data and applies various project management calculations including CPI, SPI, etc.

    Contract Validation

    Subcontractors can invoice clients and pay employees with the same data, eliminating administrative inefficiencies. ILLUMYS provides immediate validation of rates in real time and pay and charge out categories on timesheet line items can be dynamically adjusted.

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