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Where do you find the balance between expectations and operations?

There has been a large shift over recent years placing an increasing awareness on employee happiness and well-being. The expectation of the "daily grind" must now incorporate work life balance, a welcoming, flexible environment and don't forget the cream for the free coffee!

Throughout my five years here at Gemstone we have learned a lot about expectations, entitlement and the reality of creating an atmosphere folks want to be a part of. These lessons have taught us how to maintain a deep-rooted family culture through engagement, recognition, compassion and respect. Attributes of which do not typically come with an associated cost and allow us to set precedence without breaking the bank.

Our staff engagement is driven much like our software solutions.

By ensuring open lines of communication in both directions we are able to receive first-hand knowledge of what is working well and where we can improve. Our annual employee survey results support this information with over 95% of staff stating they feel they can openly communicate with co-workers, supervisors and senior management.

Most times a heartfelt “well done goes a long way.

The need for recognition is a common thread amongst all human beings so when it comes to the workplace, where team members spend the majority of their time, why wouldn’t you try to extend this simple act?

Not all recognition has to be extraordinary.  

Another thing to keep in mind is ensuring you are staying in tune with what drives the staff. Ask the question periodically and you are likely to be surprised by how a little can go a long way.

Demonstrating compassion and respect should really be a bare minimum for any operation.

Each person who comes to work for your business has a genuine desire to do a good job and succeed. Although respect has to be earned to a certain degree, communicating and identifying expectations in the beginning allows you to reach a mutual understanding and staff welcome the opportunity to meet or exceed expectations.

That’s it in a nutshell. The old adage, “Happy employees are more productive”, really does ring true so if you begin to experience an influx, look internally and take the temperature of your staff…this information is imperative to your success.

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Danica is the VP, Operations of Gemstone and enjoys all things people related. Whether talking to outward facing clients or tuning into the staff she is driven by people’s energy and will do what she can to ensure their happiness.