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    CampWare Workforce Accommodation Software Transitions to Web-Hosted Application

    CampWare 3.0  has just emerged from the beta-testing stage. It’s taken three years to transform Orissa’s popular desktop camp management system into a fully web-hosted application. The Gemstone team is excited about the upcoming commercial launch, which is expected in early 2020. 

    Our clients need scalable, state of the art accommodation solutions that fit within the framework of their businesses and offer full services in remote locations. CampWare 3.0 will provide these solutions to provide greater savings and convenience.

    The History of CampWare

    CampWare is a configurable and scalable software designed to manage remote workforce housing facilities. The software manages the registering of guests and camp room assignments, in addition to a host of other camp management activities such as housekeeping, keycard access, night shift and day shift overlap, site security, and invoicing. It’s also fully integrated with our travel and room management software, CIRYS. This allows clients to have end-to-end booking services for comprehensive remote workforce management.

    Gemstone Logistics acquired the software from Orissa in February of 2015. At that time, CampWare was solely a desktop application. Just a year later, we saw an opportunity to improve the convenience and efficiency of the program by transferring it into an online, app-based format. Since then, our development team has been working hard to bring the new app into testing stages.

    Why Now? 

    Several of Gemstone’s clients in the resources sector in Western Canada are already testing CampWare 3.0. We’ve been asked why we’ve chosen to bring the desktop system online, and there are a few reasons behind the advancements:

    • Our remote clients have greater access to internet and Wi-Fi connections than ever before, allowing for convenient mobile application use
    • Clients need dynamic solutions with flexible options for service and features to manage changing a remote workforce accommodation environment
    • Clients want more easily accessible systems, without the need for on-site hardware, to decrease administration, setup, and capital costs

    Remote Workforce Management

    In the past, travel and accommodation software was traditionally built as a desktop application so it could be used in remote locations with little to no internet access. However, many clients (especially in the oil and gas industry) have moved toward better networks in the past 5-10 years. As high-speed internet connections become more reliable in these areas, there’s an opportunity to make the program more easily accessible and configurable by moving it to a ‘software as a service’ model. This is a more affordable and convenient solution that allows for more geographically diverse access and less system management. 

    Dynamic Solutions

    If there’s one thing we know, software solutions must be dynamic. Keeping up with changes in technology, business, and camp management is one of the main reasons we’ve chosen to design CampWare as a web-based application with mobile functionality. Although CampWare will have all the features our clients already use and appreciate, we’ve added new benefits and configuration settings such as the ability to define billing entities, control billing entities, control and oversight over all camp operations from a single access point, and even creating cleaning schedules that suit each of our clients needs.

    Since CampWare was first developed by Orissa 15 years ago, there have been plenty of requests for updates. We’ve had time to see what works best and what can be added to cover more of our clients’ pressing needs.

    When we’re talking about features, it’s important to remember that CampWare is a configurable accommodation management software, which differs from a customizable software. Configurable software solutions allow for flexibility in the use of features, without requiring major expenditures on custom add-ons, management, and updates. 

    Accessible Workforce Accommodation Systems

    Saving clients time and money has been the driving force behind all of Gemstone’s software and application developments. Every time we approach a new change, feature, or program, we’re looking at how we can connect it with the changing needs of clients in diverse industries and locations.

    When we chose to begin developing CampWare as a fully web-based application, it was because we saw great benefits for our clients. In addition to the convenience and added features, clients would spend less time and money on setup. There are no setup costs or hardware costs (such as configuring a server). We still provide all the support and training you need, but without the onerous client setup and associated cost. 

    By moving to web-hosting, CampWare becomes an easy-access system that can be set up in even less time than it took as a desktop application.

    How to Learn More

    CampWare 3.0 is expected to launch in early 2020. If you’re interested in learning more about the app, the system, or our clients, get in touch with the Gemstone team and we’ll be happy to help. 

    Bryan is the Business Development Manager with Gemstone Logistics. his interest has always been meeting new people and talking with them. He should be your first call if your looking for a software solution to make your job easier!