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STEP 1- Choose the Software


CampWare Eight Core Functions


  • Captures and stores data associated with new, returning and departing camp residents
  • Assigns proximity cards to residents and records data related to guests’ room preferences, work schedules, work shifts and room transfers
  • Expedites and eases the data entry process with intuitive functionality:
    • Allows the re-use of returning resident information
    • Prevents the deletion of data that has been used for invoicing
    • Supports the re-allocation of room charges to cost centres, subcontractors, business units, prime contractors and divisions
  • Supports and streamlines the check-in and booking processes:
    • Offers advance or pre-check ins
    • Permits an unlimited number of new and returning guests
    • Prevents the double-booking of rooms
    • Supports room reservations, including single, mass and block reservations
    • Supports rotational room assignments (cross-shifting)


  • Supports the daily transactions related to room occupancies, including the recording of:
    • Sleeps and no-sleeps
    • Occupied and unoccupied rooms
    • Room status (e.g. vacant, linen change required, or maintenance required)
  • Reporting includes room status, guest history, and camp occupancy information

Food Service

  • Supports the starting and stopping of meal service scanning throughout a given day, including visitor meals
  • Proximity cards are used to record the passing of camp guests into a dining facility, and are authenticated to ensure validity and correct usage
  • Real-time traffic volume graphs show peaks in volume to support timely food preparation
  • Transactional data is stored to perform historical analysis of traffic patterns to assist in food service staffing and preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner

System Manager

  • Easy to configure a camp’s business rules and requirements
  • Lists of employers, subcontractors, cost centres, divisions, business units and prime contractors
  • Dorms and rooms
  • Room classes
  • Resident day rates, including volume based rates
  • Meal scanning schedules and meal rates
  • Work schedules (e.g. 10-4, 21-7, etc.)


  • Provides detailed and segmented invoicing for both accommodation and catering services, and supports the inclusion of additional charges at the time of invoicing (if required)
  • Detailed and/or summary reporting options include:
    • Accommodation and food service boardsheets by guest, contractor and subcontractor
    • Invoices by employer or sub-contractor

At a Glance

  • Provides a quick graphical summary of key camp metrics on a real-time basis. Examples include:
    • Guests expected at meal services
  • The number of meals scanned
  • Vacancy and occupancy counts
  • On-hold counts

Decision by Query (DbQ)

  • DbQ allows users to query all data in an ad-hoc fashion and enables one-off queries to be run with any search parameters provided
  • Results can be sorted and grouped in any fashion desired by the user

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