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    A Refresh to Gemstone’s Guiding Values

    Fresh Values & a Fresh Perspective

    In late 2020, the leadership team at Gemstone Logistics decided it was time to revisit our core values. Our previous values had been the building blocks of Gemstone for nine years and served us well. However, everything from our teams to our offerings have evolved dramatically over the past couple of years, and even more so in recent months. As a result, that original set of values wasn’t serving us as precisely as it had in the past. We knew that in order to continue to evolve under the guidance of strong values, we needed a complete refresh.

    We unveiled a new mission statement, vision statement, and core values in January of 2021:



    Our mission is to bring harmony, efficiency, and balance to workforce projects around the globe.


    Our vision is to be recognized globally as the irrefutable leaders and partners for change on workforce projects, delivering superior technology and expert advice.


    Putting Customers First: Our clients are at the heart of our business and we will meet or exceed their expectations at every opportunity.

    Living Above the Line: We know when to take ownership, accountability and responsibility and will do so, regardless of the outcome.

    Embracing Diversity: We are proud to have Gems with diverse backgrounds and will always promote inclusivity.

    Delivering Courageous Innovation: We will be curious and inquisitive in the pursuit of enhancing our products, services and relationships.

    Enabling Growth: We will help our Gems grow professionally and ensure they are happy at work by fostering a respectful, empowering and fun environment.

    Giving Thanks: We will live in gratitude for our opportunities and be authentic and vulnerable with our Gems and clients.


    Our Process

    Our leadership team came together in December of 2020 to create our new guiding principles. Initially, we wanted to understand which characteristics and actions were currently serving our teams and clients best. At the same time, we felt it was important to connect our values with our vision for the future so that they could lead us forward in a positive direction.

    Harmony, efficiency, and balance were other factors we looked at when we sat down to review the values. Since setting out our original values many years ago, Gemstone Logistics has expanded our reach, our team, and our solutions. We wanted our new guiding principles to be able to apply to the diverse teams, clients, software solutions, and service locations that make up the company today.

    We also knew as we worked toward creating them that if our core values were too abstract, they would be difficult to apply to our daily work. Our goal was to create a set of ideals that would be guideposts for every Gem, allowing them to measure their actions against them and know whether they were in alignment with those values. We didn’t simply want to put them up on the wall and forget about them; we wanted them to be practical, relevant, and realistic so that we could apply them to every project, client, collaboration, communication, and idea.


    Living Our Values at Every Opportunity

    There are endless opportunities to instill our values in our daily work, but taking advantage of those opportunities requires keeping them top of mind. To do this, we start our leadership meetings (and many other meetings) with a values moment. This is a time when we can share examples of how they are being used by team members and the positive impact they have on everyone in our sphere.

    Communicating with others nearly always provides an opportunity to showcase our values, whether it’s in the way we communicate or the content of our communications. For example, our monthly Gem Gathering is structured around the values. This helps put our work into context and keep them in mind as we work throughout the month.

    We also understand that working according to a set of values this specific can be a challenge at times, which is why we feel it’s important to recognize those above-and-beyond instances where someone brings them to life. Our monthly Gem Awards turn the spotlight on someone who has exemplified them in their work. Each award winner is selected based on nominations by other Gems, which gives us opportunities to look for examples and lead by example.


    A Simple Transition

    One marker that tells us the values we chose are well aligned with the company is how seamlessly they work together in real-life situations. For example, we often deliver courageous innovation by trying new ideas, features, and solutions. However, when we try something and it doesn’t work, we are the first to take ownership and make it right for our clients. It’s easy to spot everyday examples like this that draw on two or more of the values.

    As with any process at Gemstone Logistics, our values are a collaborative effort that reflected the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of our team members and leaders. The result was that the announcement came with very little surprise; each of us was already living these to some degree in our daily work. We will continue to do so at every opportunity, looking to our values to light the path forward.

    Jennifer is Gemstone's Community Coordinator.