A circle is a universal symbol with many meanings. It represents completeness. It is seamless. And, just as clock hands continuously move around the dial, a circle speaks to the idea of perpetual motion.

Our proprietary travel and accommodation management software reflects these same qualities—which is where the name CIRYS is derived.

CIRYS offers a complete 360° approach to travel management, and ensures the seamless, continuous movement of workers from across the country to industrial projects.

How does it work?

CIRYS is an intuitive travel and room reservation tool that simplifies travel and accommodation management processes. CIRYS allows users to book charter and commercial air travel (ticketed by our IATA-accredited travel agency, Gemstone Travel) as well as camp lodging using a single, integrated platform.

Using the innovative ‘group book’ function, reservations for an entire aircraft can be made in as little as 30 seconds, helping to realize significant human resource efficiencies.

Our clients also have access to real-time, accurate reporting, which provides greater insight and capacity for analysis. This helps to significantly reduce travel program costs and optimize charter utilization.

Key features:

  • Book charter and commercial flights
  • Reserve rooms and transportation to and from camp
  • Perform check-ins at multiple locations
  • Access detailed, real-time reporting
  • Integrate with existing company software
  • Customize to suit travel and/or accommodation program needs

To learn more about how CIRYS can help you better manage your travel and accommodation program, take a look at this case study.