At Gemstone, we offer complete end-to-end travel and accommodation management services. Managed by experienced and capable industry professionals, we can provide a tailored program that will ensure efficient and cost-effective charter and commercial travel and accommodation services.

Backed by over 30 years’ industry experience, our senior management team has the knowledge and resources required to help oil and gas, construction, and mining companies realize significant human resources efficiencies and cost savings.

From the minute workers arrive at the airport to the moment they step foot in camp, we’re able to manage the entire process of moving your workforce to and from industrial job sites—ensuring your projects run like clockwork.

Why work with us?

  • History: As the first company to successfully implement a cross-Canada fly-in/fly-out program for a major oil company, we have significant experience of managing the movement of workers to and from remote project sites.
  • Flexibility: Our programs are designed to suit changing project requirements—for example, by changing the size of the aircraft to optimize efficiency.
  • Relationships: We’re proud to have built strong relationships with key stakeholders across the industry, from airlines to contractors, to major oil and gas, construction, and mining companies.
  • Experience: We have a proven track record of delivery, helping a number of oil and gas producers implement successful workforce management programs.
  • Measureable results: Our industry insight enables us to make recommendations that translate to tangible savings and increased efficiencies.