Through our wholly owned subsidiary company, McHale Aviation Services, we provide the operational support required to transport workers to and from remote industrial projects. This includes:

Luggage and ramp operations

Gemstone’s professional ground crew will load and transport all baggage from ramp to camp and back. We prepare the aircraft for takeoff, including marshaling and de-icing as required.

Security and screening

Our full-service, certified security company provides pre-flight and aerodrome screening. We aim to minimize risk while ensuring the safety and security of all employees, flight crews and worksites by providing:

  • Thorough screening guidelines on loss prevention, drugs and alcohol, and weapons
  • Customizable services that can be implemented anywhere
  • Advanced x-ray and detection technologies

We are registered and licensed with the Government of Alberta to provide security training. This allows us to train our own employees and those of our partners.

Customer service staffing

Our team of professionally trained customer service staff helps to ensure a smooth and efficient fly-in/fly-out process. Services include:

  • Passenger check-in and boarding
  • Weighing and tagging baggage
  • Coordinating flight manifests with the air carrier

Aerodrome support

Our aerodrome ground crew is responsible for overseeing the safe movement of passengers from the aircraft. This involves:

  • Providing airside/groundside security
  • Guiding passengers from the aircraft to the bus
  • Directing passengers to board the correct aircraft
  • Finalizing passenger manifests, troubleshooting as required