About Gemstone

After spending over 20 years working in remote locations, Gemstone’s President, Tom McHale, recognized the challenges owners faced when it came to attracting and retaining qualified workers. He also understood the strain associated with being away from family and friends for weeks at a time. With this in mind, Tom sought to build a highly cost effective air transportation program that would also allow remote workers access to high quality jobs while achieving an improved work/life balance.

In 2005, while working as an aviation manager, Tom pioneered the first successful cross-Canada fly-in/fly-out program for a major oil company. He went on to found Gemstone in 2007, providing air transportation services for large-scale resource and construction projects.

Over the years, Gemstone recognized a need across major industrial projects to do even more to integrate fragmented site-wide services. Gemstone developed its proprietary software, CIRYS (formerly ‘GTMS’), as an innovative solution to this industry-wide challenge. Since launching in 2013,CIRYS has successfully transformed travel management processes among many major oil companies—saving clients millions of dollars along the way.

In early 2015, Gemstone strengthened its suite of workforce management services by acquiring Orissa Software Inc., a market leader in accommodation and guest management services for remote workforce accommodation sites.

Today, Gemstone offers complete end-to-end workforce and accommodation management services, with more capacity than ever to deliver significant efficiencies to the oil and gas, construction, and mining industries.